China Trademark Registration Examination Period Will be Shortened to Six Months before End of 2018

CTPLO · Published on 2018-02-08 15:58:35 · 132 read News

     January 22, 2018. Mr. LIU Junchen, vice president of State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the PRC (short as SAIC), stated in the conference that, in 2017, a number of 5.74 millions trademark applications were filed, increased by 55.7% as compared with that in 2016. And before the end of 2018, Mr. LIU said, the following trademark examination periods will be shortened

u  China Trademark registration examination period will be shortened to 6 months;

u  The period of issuing official filing receipt will be shortened to 1 month;

u  China Trademark search blind period will be shortened to 2 months;

u  China Trademark assignment examination period will be shortened to 4 months;

u  China Trademark modification, renewal examination periods will be shortened to 2 months;

u  China Trademark review of refusal examination period will be shortened to 7 months.


For the following tasks, Mr. LIU emphasized that four aspects of work should be done: First is to deepen the reform to achieve convenient trademark registration process. We still need to optimize the procedures and raise examination efficiency. Second is to enhance the protection of registered trademarks. In recent five years, about 178 thousand cases of trademark infringement were investigated and dealt with. Over 1,000 cases suspected of conducting crimes were transferred to the judicial departments and more than 1,000 suspects were discovered. Third is to enhance brand building and service capabilities. And last is to push China brands to the international stage.

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