Trademark Process

China Trademark Renewal

The renewal is the way for you to continue use your trademark beyond the expiration of its validity period.

  • The period of validity of a registered trademark is ten years, since the date of approval of the registration.
  • The renewal will give the right to use the mark for the next ten years.
  • The application for renewal can be file in 12 months before the expired date of validity, and a grace period of 6 months is allowed.
  • If the trademark owner fails to renewal the mark even in the grace period, then the mark will be canceled.

Timeline of Renewal

  • Examining for the search report.
  • Examining for delay handing of application.
  • The latest status report for your trademark.
  • Document examining of your trademark case.
  • The status & security report for your trademark (Quarterly report).
  • Reminder for keeping proofs of commercial use.
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