Trademark Process

File Trademark

Find a trademark agent in China

According to the CHINA TRADEMARK LAW (Article 18), any foreign person or foreign enterprise intending to apply for the registration of a trademark or for any other matters concerning a trademark in China shall appoint any trademark agencies which are established legally. The trademark agencies will submit the filing paper for you on line (for company applicant) or by mail (for individual applicant). You can choose CTPLO as your appointed agency in China for handling your trademark matters.

Trademark search before filing

In 2012, the total registration application amount is 1,640,000, 50% of the application is Chinese character trademark. The essential principle to judge whether a mark is similar to a cited mark is to judge whether they have the similar meaning or not. If your mark has the similar meaning to an earlier Chinese mark, even in different languages, your mark still can be refused. Therefore, a search through the official data base is necessary. If you do not use Chinese as your mother tongue, there can be mistakes in the search.We suggest searching the mark before registration.