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Trademark Watch

If you are in the following conditions, then you don’t need the Trademark Watch Service:

  • I’m good in Chinese reading & writing, I can search the trademark in the CTMO database by my own.
  • I’m familiar with the trademark law system, I know how to reacting to the different trademark status.
  • I know the knowledge of China trademark agency, I know the professional reply about how to reacting to the different trademark status.
  • I know the online shopping websites that Chinese people commonly use, I can make search in those websites to see whether there are any other people selling my products in China.
  • I’m fully trust that my agency in China is profession in expertise and trademark affairs.
  • I have enough time to check my trademark status per month.
  • I’m a China hand, I know China.

If you are not in the above conditions, don’t be hesitated to apply for trademark watch services at CTPLO.

Trademark Watch – $25* per month per mark

Free One Month • Three Months – $75* • Six Months – $120* • One Year – $195*

  • Monitoring all new trademark filings with the CTMO to ensure no one else attempts to register a same or similar trademark.
  • Monitor your trademark for any infringing commercial use made by a third party.
  • Monitor your use of your trademark to ensure you are in compliance with all trademark laws.
  • We deliver a quarterly report to you detailing any potential infringement and notify you of any action needed on your trademark (includes notifications of when your renewal filings are due).
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