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Rejection Review

When your trademark is rejected by CTMO unfortunately, you can apply for rejection review to TRAB. The TRAB will review your case for examining whether the CTMO made the correct judgment, and makes its adjudication.

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Does the rejection review can save my trademark after it is rejected by CTMO?

The Rejection Review is an legal remedy to getting your trademark rights back.

A successful rejection review usually takes the following steps:

  • A deep analysis for the rejection reason: Why the trademark is rejected, is it worth to make the rejection review. Trademark Rejection & Analysis for rejection review.
  • Apply the rejection review to TRAB
  • Collect effective proofs and other useful materials to support your arguments for the rejection review.
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Is there any other legal remedy if the opposition review is failed?

When your opposition review is fail unfortunately, you can sue TRAB in the People’s court for its adjudication in your opposition review case.