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PPRD parties signed the IPR cooperation agreement again to deploy the “Belt and Road” initiative

On November 21, the 12th PPRD Joint Meeting on IP Cooperation & the “Belt and Road” IPR High-level Forum held in Changsha

On November 21, the 12th PPRD Joint Meeting on IPR Cooperation & the “Belt and Road” IPR High-level Forum was held in Changsha. The parties of PPRD region signed the PPRD Agreement on IPR Cooperation against the Background of “Belt and Road” to decide on the cooperation in the following five aspects so as to jointly promote the IPR development and progress and improve the overall regional strength and competitiveness:

- strengthen the study of IPR regulations policies or information of countries along the "Belt and Road";

- guide enterprises in setting up the IPR early-warning mechanism and minimize the risks of IPR infringement;

- reinforce the cooperation of PPRD areas on the IPR layout of those leading industries in "Belt and Road" countries, improve the innovation capability and market competitiveness of regional industries;

- explore the college - business cooperation and jointly cultivate the professional IPR talents with good command of international trade and IP rules;

- make more efforts on publicity regarding IPR cooperation and exchanges along the "Belt and Road", enhance the IPR awareness of various main market players in the region.

Also upon agreement, the Parties will adhere to the cooperation mechanisms of joint meeting, liaison and task groups, etc. Meanwhile, it was agreed upon that the next PPRD joint meeting on IPR cooperation would be undertaken by Guangdong Intellectual Property Office. Li Youzhi, Deputy Head of NPC Provincial Standing Committee of Hunan attended the ceremony and delivered remarks.

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