Review Decision about Trademark No. 18422141 for Rejection

CTPLO · Published on 2018-01-05 15:29:17 · 143 read Cases

Applicant: Quebec Invest Consult (Peking) Ltd

Agent: Beijing Zhonglun Law Office

The applicant applied for trademark review to the TRAB on account of disagree with the rejection on trademark “QQ截图20180105152456.jpg” (No. 18422141) (this applicant register the company name as their trademark) made by CTMO (China Trademark Office).

After hearing: applicant is the branch company of CDPQ in Beijing. The applying mark consistent with the name of the applicant. Although it contains the name of Quebec province of Canada, in terms of its head office indeed locate in Quebec, and it is only shows the source of its head company. Therefore, the applying mark is applicable.

According to Article 28, of Trademark Law, we decide:

The applying mark is approved and turn over to trademark office for further procedure.

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