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Shen Changyu Meets with INPI President and Argentine Ambassador to China


On March 1, SIPO Commissioner Shen Changyu met with Argentina's National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) President Dámaso Pardo and Argentine Ambassador to China Diego Guelar in Beijing. Shen Changyu introduced the latest progress in China's intellectual property, and hoped to further extend the cooperation scope between the two sides and achieve more results through concerted efforts of the two offices. Dámaso Pardo appreciated SIPO's remarkable achievements in recent years, and hoped to learn from China's successful experiences, strengthen cooperation between the two offices, and convert more patents into productivity. The two sides also exchanged their views and ideas on issues such as personnel training, data exchange, cloud patent examination system, and Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH). After the meeting, the two sides signed the Joint Statement of Intent of State Intellectual Property Office of China and the National Institute of Industrial Property of Argentina on Cooperation in Patent Prosecution Highway.

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