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The number of annual patent applications exceeded 100,000 in Henan Province

It is known from the Intellectual Property Office of Henan Province that by the end of November, 2017, the number of patent applications of the whole province this year has reached 107,792, with a year-on-year growth of 37.5%. Hereinto, the number of invention patent applications was 32, 141, increasing by 52.6% on a year-on-year basis. The number of patents granted reached 46,944, with a year-on-year growth of 2.8%.This reveals that Henan has seen a dramatic improvement of the creativity ability on intellectual property, thus taking a solid step toward the construction of intellectual property-powered province.

According to Liu Huaizhang, Head of Intellectual Property Office of Henan Province, the patent application and granting of the province present the following features:

First, the number of patent applications,including the invention, utility model and industrial design, keeps a rapid increase. The total patent applications in 2017 witnessed a historic breakthrough.

Second, invention patents granted feature rapid increase, with a high increase of the invention patents granted per 10,000 people.

Third, the number of patent applications filed by colleges and universities witnesses a fast growth, which is expected to exceed 15,000 this year.

Fourth, the number of high-valued patent applications continues to keep growing.

It is understood that significant breakthrough has been made on several work about intellectual property in Henan Province this year, realizing a sound beginning of construction on intellectual property-powered province. For instance, totally 14 patents in this province have been awarded the 19th China Patent Award, reaching a record high on award numbers. Besides, the Patent Award in Henan Province has been established, with the first batch of patent programs entering the final selection period.

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