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The Report of 19th CPC National Congress injects new impetus into the domestic copyright industry

    Innovation-based development is one of the priorities mentioned in the 19th CPC National Congress. The core copyright industry is most closely related to innovation. According to the statistics about the economic contribution of Chinese copyright industry released by Chinese Academy of Press and Publication, the added-value of core copyright industry mostly related to innovation accounted for 60% of the total copyright value in 2015 from 48% in 2006, which reached 3 trillion yuan or 4.41% of the national GDP in 2015.

    It is indisputable that Chinese copyright industry is playing an increasingly key role in promoting the economic development and optimizing the economic structure. With the in-depth study about the Report of the 19th CPC National Congress, the future administrators of copyright-related industry will leverage the 19th CPC National Congress to achieve leap-frog improvement of the core copyright industry; the fast development of copyright administration; the innovation-based and down-to-earth industrial association work.

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