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Total Number of Trademark Applications from January to October in 2017 Exceeded That of 2016

    Information collected and edited by CTPLO: Trademark application in China keeps rapid increase. From January to October in 2017, the total number of trademark applications has exceeded 4.413 million, 0.722 million larger than the figure of 2016 (3.691 million in total). And among all the applications, 3.771 millions’ ones were filed via the Online System of China Trademark Office (CTMO), taking 85.45% of the total number. 

    Meanwhile, the trademark value of Chinese enterprises also embraces quick growth. China has become the country which enjoys the most rapid increase rate of global brand value. Estimated by noted evaluation organization, in the past 12 years, Chinese brand value increased by 937%, occupying 11% of the total value of Top 100 Global Brands. 

    Up to now, China has opened 105 windows for taking new trademark applications and 49 windows for taking trademark mortgage applications all around its territory. The online system are open for 23 types of services covering online application, online search, online publication and online payments. The official filing fees has decreased to 50% of the original, which greatly reduces the filing cost of the applicants. “To provide more convenience to the applicants, CTMO will further enlarge the access to trademark applications, such as quickening the approval of local trademark application windows, opening online application access to the local windows, applying self-service terminal machines for online applications etc.” Commented by Mr. CUI Shoudong, Secretary of Party Committee of CTMO. 

    With the progress of trademark reform for convenience and the perfection of trademark examination mechanism, the trademark examination efficiency had great improvement. On October, 27, CTMO successfully shortened the examination period from 9 months to 8 months, 2 months earlier than the estimated deadline.

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