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1.China trade mark class

Our agency will file your Trademark Application in China and will carry out all needed tasks before China Trademark Office in order to obtain registration approval. As soon as your trademark is filed we will send you a filing report which will include application number and date, plus a scanned copy of filed trademark application in China.

China trademark class consists of 45 classes. Trademarks for goods are divided into 34 classes (classes 1 to 34) and service marks are divided into eleven classes (classes 35 to 45).

Once your China Trademark Application is approved, our agency will complete all necessary tasks in order to obtain the Registration Certificate from China Trademark Office. After the Certificate is obtained, it will be forwarded to you to your postal address along with a report specifying registration number, registration date and any special consideration that should be taken into account in China.

2.trademark classification in China

As we all know, is the difference between the goods or services mark a sign of the source, every registered trademarks are specified for the particular goods or services. China currently has more than seven hundred thousand registered trademark pieces, if not a scientific classification of management systems, to cable, check. Access to a trademark, like needle in a haystack, is almost impossible.

It is for trademark search, review, management needs to have some common attributes of goods are grouped together, compiled as a class, all the goods and services is divided into 45 categories. China uses the International Classification of Goods, which categorizes commodities and services into 45 classes, with sub-classes. A trademark must be registered in connection with at least one particular class of goods. However, it is often a good idea to register your mark in classes of products you may make or sell in the future, or where there is room for consumer confusion.

China’s trademark authority has published a schedule arranged by Alphabetical classification of goods and services. Use this table as access to general categories of goods as easy dictionary.

3.Chinese trademark registrations

As you known, trademark is no doubt one of the most important properties for a corporation. In the trend of globalization it demands strong protection to keep the core asset of a company. It is a better choice for any international company to cooperate with a trademark agent in China.

China implements the system of trademark registration.registered trademarks refer to trademarks that have been approved and registered by the Trademark Office, and the trademark registrants shall enjoy the exclusive right to use the trademarks, and be protected by law. The owner of a trademark shall apply to the Trademark Office for registration if he wants the trademark used in business to be fully protected by law.

4.China trademark search database

China Patent & Trademark Office web site is the only searchable database online for China Registered Trademarks. With advanced technology, it provide you with effective and efficient trademark searching, registering, renewal and monitoring service.

Specially, China Patent and China Trademark searching are available on this web site. This is the fastest search service which allows customers to search all trademarks. The searched trademarks include which have been registered or are being applied for in mainland China from the year 1980 to the 6 months before today. The system can follow the registration number, Chinese, English, and varieties of ways to search.

The search database is completely free to use. You can find the details of trademark applications and the current legal status and review of the state on this system for your trademarks which have been already applied for or are registering. It make every effort to offer as accurate information as possible to the public, and update the information of china in the trademark database in a timely manner.

5.Trademark status Chinese registry

Since 2005, everybody can search relevant trademark registration information via “China Trademark Website”. The trademark information is available for search provided on the trademark registration information website includes the information concerning both registered trademarks and trademark applications.

Before registry your trademark, it is important for searching already-registered trademarks. You can conduct an official search of existing trademarks and their status, both by using the official database and by filing with the Chinese registry.

There are three types of information search available on the website: search of identical or similar trademarks, search of general trademark information and search of trademark application status. Search of trademark application status is to find out the present status of a trademark application in the workflow in accordance with application number or registration number.

6.Trademark registration China

It is very important to register your trade mark in China before entering into the market because it can diminish the risk of your trade mark being hijacked. Even if your company only manufactures products in China for export, you should still make your trademark registration in China. A trade mark can be registered through the ‘national’ or ‘international’ system and can only be protected in China once it has been registered.

Under the Madrid Protocol, the application for extension to China is based either on the trade mark application or registration. In practice, there are four kinds of trademarks registration are recognized by the Trademark Law in China, they are: General trademarks, Collective marks,Certification marks and Well-known trademarks.

A trade mark can be registered through the ‘national’ or ‘international’ system and can only be protected in China once it has been registered. The registration of trademarks in China is quite a simple and inexpensive procedure.The application shall undergo a preliminary examination, followed by a substantive examination. If it passes these examinations, the Trademark Office will publish the application, which, if not opposed, will be registered after three months.The national Chinese trade mark registration is valid for ten years.

7.Trademark agency China

The Trademark Agency in China was set up as early as 1990's. 20 years is a very short period, but it reached a relatively well-established level. When a foreign enterprise applies for trademark registration or deals with other trademark matters in China, it shall entrust an organization certified by the Chinese Government as having the qualification for trademark agency to act on its behalf. With the help of the trademark agency in China, you can better understanding the Chinese relevant laws/practice and better communication purpose. This overcomes the difficulties for domestic applicants for communication, laws, and procedures .

Before registry trademark in China, find a experienced trademark agency to assist you is necessary. This is important for researching already-registered trademarks. An agency should help to conduct an official search of existing trademarks and their status, both by using the official database and by filing with the Chinese registry. An agency is also important because your application must include a Chinese translation.