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China trademark search database

China Patent & Trademark Office web site is the only searchable database online for China Registered Trademarks. With advanced technology, it provide you with effective and efficient trademark searchingregistering, renewal and monitoring service.

Specially, China Patent and China Trademark searching are available on this web site. This is the fastest search service which allows customers to search all trademarks. The searched trademarks include which have been registered or are being applied for in mainland China from the year 1980 to the 6 months before today. The system can follow the registration number, Chinese, English, and varieties of ways to search.

The search database is completely free to use. You can find the details of trademark applications and the current legal status and review of the state on this system for your trademarks which have been already applied for or are registering. It make every effort to offer as accurate information as possible to the public, and update the information of china in the trademark database in a timely manner.