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Chinese Trademark Office

Based on the Circular On SAIC’s Main Functions, Internal Organization and Staff Quota issued by General Affairs Office of the State Council (Guobanfa [2008] No.88) and the Circular on the Main Functions, Internal Organization and Staff Quota in Every Offices (Departments, Bureaus and Divisions) (Gongshangrenzi [2008] No.195) issued by SAIC on September 8, 2008, Trademark Office is under the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and is responsible for trademark registration and administration nationwide, to be specific, registering and administering trademarks, protecting trademark rights and handling trademark infringement and counterfeiting cases; handling trademark disputes; strengthening the recognition and protection of well-known trademarks; registering, recording and protecting special signs and official signs; researching, analyzing and releasing trademark registration information;providing information for government decision-making and to the public; and implementing Trademark Strategy, etc.