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Trademark agency China

The Trademark Agency in China was set up as early as 1990’s. 20 years is a very short period, but it reached a relatively well-established level. When a foreign enterprise applies for trademark registration or deals with other trademark matters in China, it shall entrust an organization certified by the Chinese Government as having the qualification for trademark agency to act on its behalf. With the help of the trademark agency in China, you can better understanding the Chinese relevant laws/practice and better communication purpose. This overcomes the difficulties for domestic applicants for communication, laws, and procedures .

Before registry trademark in China, find a experienced trademark agency to assist you is necessary. This is important for researching already-registered trademarks. An agency should help to conduct an official search of existing trademarks and their status, both by using the official database and by filing with the Chinese registry. An agency is also important because your application must include a Chinese translation.