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Trademark classification in China

As we all know, is the difference between the goods or services mark a sign of the source, every registered trademarks are specified for the particular goods or services. China currently has more than seven hundred thousand registered trademark pieces, if not a scientific classification of management systems, to cable, check. Access to a trademark, like needle in a haystack, is almost impossible.

It is for trademark search, review, management needs to have some common attributes of goods are grouped together, compiled as a class, all the goods and services is divided into 45 categories. China uses the International Classification of Goods, which categorizes commodities and services into 45 classes, with sub-classes. A trademark must be registered in connection with at least one particular class of goods. However, it is often a good idea to register your mark in classes of products you may make or sell in the future, or where there is room for consumer confusion.

China’s trademark authority has published a schedule arranged by Alphabetical classification of goods and services. Use this table as access to general categories of goods as easy dictionary.