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Trademark Review and Adjudication

The examination conclusion made by the CTMO decides whether the trademark gets approved or not, thus decides the exclusive right to own the trademark to some extent.

A established system of strict rules and regulations is restricting examiners’ personal judgements, but as the examination is conducted by each examiner independently, different examiners might give different actions even to the same trademark. Because individual differs from others in his expertise, knowledge and experience, there might be a discrepancy between judgements made by different individuals. This phenomenon determines that the examination conclusion might not exactly correspond to the regulations of examination. In other words, fault might be found in the conclusion. Especially in filing a trademark, you can’t show the relevant proof for the trademark unless you file the review after it is rejected. So to guarantee the interests of the applicant, the remedy procedure of review and adjuration is set to improve the quality of examination.

Usually a review and adjudication will be completed in 18 months.

Filing the trademark review and adjudication is first available remedy procedure that you can undertake. If you are still not happy with the result of it, you can appeal to the court.