Patent Information Retrieval

  • IP Data Collection
  • IP File History
  • Certification of Patent Offices
  • Document Legalization
  • Translation between Major Language Pairs
  • Global Patent File History

File history is the complete record of communication between patent applicant (assignee) and patent offices from prosecution to expiration. We collaborate with global vendors to provide the most inclusive file history database. Our file history collection are in digital form, fully OCR’ed and searchable with manually added label.

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Why people are choosing CTPLO?

  • Our staff have rich expertise in intellectual property and handle requests in a detail oriented manner.
  • We are familiar with the certification and legalization in major countries and have strong connection with patent offices, embassies, consulates and other relevant government agencies.
  • We know the work procedure of SIPO, USPTO, EPO, KIPO and JPO and have been extensively worked in information collection, library search and database search projects.
  • We rely on Sunyu to provide translation between major language pairs and also are able to translate rare languages through our collaborators around the world.
  • We understand that service quality is directly tied to high level project management. Our project managers stay in touch with the client in all stages of a project to make sure all requirements are fully taken care of.

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