Patent Innovation Consulting

For R&D companies, solid IP strategy should not be instructed by but instead integrated into business strategy. We deliver comprehensive consulting reports for R&D, legal, marketing and senior management to facilitate informed business decisions. Our consulting service is a combination of human expertise and software analysis on the study of technical data.

Our Innovation Consulting Service is a major part of Collaborative Innovation. Upon the delivery of our consulting report, R&D department can be benefited so that engineer would have a profound understanding of technology whitespace and research opportunity. Legal department can manage the IP portfolio more effectively by lowering maintenance cost as well as locating licensing opportunities. Marketing department gains from the insight of technical prospect for new product. Senior management will be better supported by technical information on investment or M&A decisions. We help all relevant departments in the R&D lifecycle by our Innovation Consulting Services.

Why people are choosing CTPLO?

  • Our in-house team of technical analysts and IP specialists have remarkable knowledge of databases, search tools and multiple language analysis expertise.
  • We customize our project team to only use the most appropriate experts and databases to better serve the client’s need.
  • We know the importance of interaction with our clients. We insist thorough discussion from scoping stage to reporting phase and modify our strategy instantly based on client’s feedback.
  • We have offices or representatives in all major cities in China and Japan to provide localized communication.

Service Summary

Landscape Study

Technology Landscape provides a detailed map of certain technology area by collection, filtration and categorization of patent and non-patent literature. Thus technical whitespace and crowded area will be identified and R&D department can be well guided for potential research opportunities. Higher managers can also use the map to find acquisition target and strategically improve competition status.

Competitor Monitor: Target companies are completely analyzed from technical perspective using patent and non-patent literature. Advantageous R&D and marketing strategies can be developed to lock opportunities and avoid risks.

Portfolio Optimization and Monetarization

In Portfolio Optimization, we help the client to design a highly customized scoring system. Both objective and subjective score factors are selected based on client’s industrial area and general business strategy. Based on the scoring system, we suggest our client to treat high value and low value patents in different ways. Appropriate portfolio management practice can lower portfolio maintenance cost and add monetarization options to high value patent assets. A variety of scoring system can be established even within the same company for different product lines.

Evidence of Use: this is to compare client’s granted claims to other people’s product based on publicly known data. Evidence of Use fastens the process of identifying potential licensing opportunity and supports licensing negotiation.

Patent-to-Standard Comparison: Our technical specialists have in-depth understanding on standards in certain technical areas. When can compare competitors’ or client’s own patents against industry standards to better support licensing negotiation.

Due Diligence and Monitoring

IP Due Diligence: Once provided research target, we utilize our world-class data resources to deliver update of legal status, assignment data, patent family change, file history, reexamination and litigation data. The report of IP Due Diligence, when combined with validation analysis by our Search and Analytics department, give client’s peace of mind in IP licensing and acquisition.

Recurring Monitor: This service is actually an IP Due Diligence on a recurring basis to update the client with assignment data, legal status, annuity payment, on-going litigation etc. beside other bibliographic information for target IP.

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