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According to China Trademark Law,

“Any foreigner of foreign enterprise desirous of applying for the registration of a trademark in China, shall entrust any of the agent/ firm, which is legalized by the State, for the trademark application.”

CTPLO has specialized in China trademark and provide trademark services to foreigner and foreign enterprises for 14 years. Till now, CTPLO has handled more than 10, 000 trademark registration applications in China. We believe we are capable of providing you with our best trademark services in China.

Since the trademark registration in mainaland China does not covers the area of Hong Kong, Macu and Taiwan in China. If you are planning to expand your business in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, we can also provide the service of trademark registration application in these areas.

English trademarks shall be analyzed before searching:

(1) The English mark has literal meaning.
For English marks which have Chinese meaning, the Chinese meaning of the mark must be searched also. The meaning of the mark is an essential part in the official examination. In the overwhelming majority of cases, if the Chinese meaning has prior identical or similar mark, your English mark will be refused by the China Trademark Office.

(2) The meaningless English mark.
There are 26 English letters from A-Z; parallelly, there are 26 Chinese Pinyin from a-z. The formation/appearance of English letter and Chinese Pinyin are almost the same. Then, the similarity examination for English mark and Pinyin mark are partially relative and interacted. The Chinese attorneys can judge and analysis the differences and similarities between the English mark and Pinyin mark accurately.

Obviously, before filing, the English trademark had better to be searched and analyzed by professional trademark attorney in China. The detailed trademark search report helps analyze the risks and chances for the final registration.

You've worked hard to build a brand for your business. Protect it.

A registered trademark greatly expands the legal protections for your brand.

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Pricing starts at $395 + CTMO official fees