Trademark Status Search

Trademark Status search is an important step while managing the trademarks. By regular trademark status search, you can monitor your trademarks timely, which greatly helps maintaining the registered trademark.

If you entrusted the China trademark cases to the attorneys of your country, the attorney will further entrust a Chinese legalized attorney for the said case. Generally, the China Trademark Office will issue the official documents and mail to the Chinese attorney time to time. The Chinese attorney will forward to the attorney of your country and finally it’ll be presented to you. As you can see, the communications are much more than expected and the information will be reported to you in time, especially for the notifications which has time limitation for response. Regular trademark status search solves such problem.

Ordering the Trademark Status Search by CTPLO and enjoying the following services

  • Status Report will be sent 4 times a year
  • The identical mark which was filed or registered in the other classes
  • Attorney’s advice on the search result
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