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Class 23 Yarns and Threads

Yarns and threads, for textile use.

Explanatory Note

  • 230031chenille yarn

  • 230006coir thread and yarn

  • 230002cotton thread and yarn

  • 230015darning thread and yarn

  • 230019elastic thread and yarn for textile use

  • 230003embroidery thread and yarn

  • 230017fibreglass thread for textile use / fiberglass thread for textile use

  • 230005hemp thread and yarn

  • 230011jute thread and yarn

  • 230013linen thread and yarn

  • 230014rayon thread and yarn

  • 230018rubber thread for textile use

  • 230009sewing thread and yarn

  • 230007silk thread and yarn

  • 230008spun cotton

  • 230010spun thread and yarn

  • 230012spun wool / worsted

  • 230016spun silk

  • 230032thread of metal for embroidery

  • 230020threads of plastic materials for textile use

  • 230004woollen thread and yarn

  • 230001yarn* / thread*