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Class 34 Smoker’s Products

Tobacco; smokers' articles; matches.

Explanatory Note

This Class includes, in particular:-tobacco substitutes (not for medical purposes).This Class does not include, in particular:-cigarettes without tobacco, for medical purposes (Cl. 5).
  • 340011absorbent paper for tobacco pipes

  • 340036ashtrays for smokers

  • 340010books of cigarette papers

  • 340012chewing tobacco

  • 340014cigar cutters

  • 340015cigar cases

  • 340017cigar holders

  • 340005cigarette tips

  • 340006cigarette filters

  • 340016cigarette cases

  • 340022cigarette holders

  • 340024cigarette paper

  • 340019cigarettes containing tobacco substitutes, not for medical purposes

  • 340020cigarettes

  • 340025cigarillos

  • 340013cigars

  • 340039electronic cigarettes

  • 340027firestones

  • 340042flavourings, other than essential oils, for tobacco / flavorings, other than essential oils, for tobacco

  • 340043flavourings, other than essential oils, for use in electronic cigarettes / flavorings, other than essential oils, for use in electronic cigarettes

  • 340008gas containers for cigar lighters

  • 340028herbs for smoking*

  • 340038humidors

  • 340007lighters for smokers

  • 340040liquid solutions for use in electronic cigarettes

  • 340031match holders

  • 340035matchboxes

  • 340001matches

  • 340023mouthpieces for cigarette holders

  • 340041oral vaporizers for smokers

  • 340026pipe cleaners for tobacco pipes

  • 340030pipe racks for tobacco pipes

  • 340021pocket machines for rolling cigarettes

  • 340033snuff

  • 340034snuff boxes

  • 340037spittoons for tobacco users

  • 340002tips of yellow amber for cigar and cigarette holders

  • 340003tobacco

  • 340004tobacco pouches

  • 340009tobacco pipes

  • 340032tobacco jars