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Class 43 Restaurant and Hotel Services

Services for providing food and drink; temporary accommodation.

Explanatory Note

This Class includes, in particular:-reservation services for travellers' accommodation, particularly through travel agencies or brokers;-boarding for animals.This Class does not include, in particular:-rental services for real estate such as houses, flats, etc., for permanent use (Cl. 36);-arranging travel by tourist agencies (Cl. 39);-preservation services for food and drink (Cl. 40);-discotheque services (Cl. 41);-boarding schools (Cl. 41);-rest and convalescent homes (Cl. 44).
  • 430004accommodation bureau services [hotels, boarding houses]

  • 430138bar services

  • 430066boarding house services

  • 430104boarding house bookings

  • 430134boarding for animals

  • 430024café services

  • 430025cafeteria services

  • 430026providing campground facilities

  • 430027canteen services

  • 430186rental of chairs, tables, table linen, glassware

  • 430190rental of cooking apparatus

  • 430098day-nursery [crèche] services

  • 430191rental of drinking water dispensers

  • 430010food and drink catering

  • 430193food sculpting

  • 430145holiday camp services [lodging]

  • 430073hotel services

  • 430105hotel reservations

  • 430192rental of lighting apparatus*

  • 430187rental of meeting rooms

  • 430183motel services

  • 430194reception services for temporary accommodation [management of arrivals and departures]

  • 430102restaurant services

  • 430013retirement home services

  • 430107self-service restaurant services

  • 430108snack-bar services

  • 430028rental of temporary accommodation

  • 430162temporary accommodation reservations

  • 430189rental of tents

  • 430071tourist home services

  • 430160rental of transportable buildings*

  • 430196udon and soba restaurant services

  • 430195washoku restaurant services